Altria Considering Investing In Marijuana

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Marlboro Man Might Pitch Pot Altria Group Inc., which owns Philip Morris USA, is the latest big company to show interest in marijuana. Late Monday, Canadian medical marijuana company Cronos Group Inc. confirmed talks with Altria about a possible investment. Altria, based in Richmond, Virginia, is one of the largest cigarette makers in the United

FDA To Regulate Flavors, Menthol In Tobacco Products

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FDA Commissioner Proposes New Steps To Protect Youth By Scott Gottlieb, M.D., FDA Commissioner  As a physician who cared for hospitalized cancer patients, I saw first-hand the devastation that smoking-related diseases had wrought on the lives of patients and their families, and dedicated myself to helping ease this suffering. As a cancer survivor myself, I

FDA Takes Steps To Regulate Nicotine

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Agency Delays E-cigarette, Cigar Compliance Deadlines The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced a new comprehensive plan for tobacco and nicotine regulation that will serve as a multi-year roadmap to better protect kids and significantly reduce tobacco-related disease and death. The approach places nicotine, and the issue of addiction, at the center of the

Tobacco Industry Has Blocked Vital Information, Regulation

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Tobacco Industry Still Influencing Public Opinion, Public Policy Tobacco industry interference has been identified as the greatest obstacle to the implementation of evidence-based measures to reduce tobacco use. Understanding and addressing industry interference in public health policy-making is crucial. Existing conceptualizations of corporate political activity (CPA) are embedded in a business perspective and do not

E-Cigs Banned On U.S. Flights

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Vaping Joins Ranks Of Smoking On U.S. Flights By Bart Jansen, USA Today Smokers in need of a quick nicotine fix during a long flight will no longer be allowed to use e-cigarettes starting next month, the Transportation Department announced Wednesday. Although some individual airlines had already banned electronic cigarettes, the new rule, submitted Wednesday to the

Scientists Conspired With Tobacco Industry To Conceal Risks Of Smoking

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Germans Confirmed That Smoking Caused Cancer One of the most compelling pieces of work demonstrating the twisted collusion between highly respected scientists and top tobacco execs, Merchants of Doubt, reveals that the science was in on cigarettes long before Americans were privy to it. In fact, German scientists understood smoking caused cancer as early as

Hawaii Raises Age Level For Smokers

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Underage Smokers Face Fines Starting next year, Hawaii will become the first state in the nation to ban smoking for people under 21. Gov. David Ige (D) signed the historic legislation on Friday, which imposes fines on underage smokers and those who provide them with tobacco products. Blame e-cigarettes. Hawaii’s lawmakers are alarmed at the

John Oliver Tackles Big Tobacco

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Comedian Makes Fun Of Insane Tobacco Policies John Oliver turned his wit and ire toward the tobacco companies recently. He skewered both politicians and tobacco executives about the insanity of statements and policies. Thanks to tobacco industry regulations and marketing restrictions in the US, smoking rates have dropped dramatically. John Oliver explains how tobacco companies are

Will New Regulations Kill E-Cigarettes

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Electronic Cigarettes Largely Unregulated Electronic cigarettes, battery-powered devices that convert a solution of nicotine and other chemicals into a vapor that can be inhaled, or “vaped,” have the potential to wean a vast number of smokers off cigarettes. No burned tobacco leaves, no cancer-causing tar: a public health revolution in waiting. The problem is, not